• Hello & Welcome!

    Welcome to annihilation's guild website!

    We are a guild on korgath-US and are happy to invite you to join us!

    Send an application with your character name Your armory and we will reply via email or in game mail asap!


    What we Do?

    We run all current content and help out with trial and alt runs for people who want to see the current raids in the harder versions above LFR

    we also have guild events with prizes and guild raffles with give aways such as rare transmogs and mounts

    pvp is also a big part of the guild as we have some of the top pvpers on Korgath! so dont feel turned away if youre not a raider!

    We also accept casuals as we know that the social aspect of an MMO is still important to some people even if they dont play as much as others! everyone is welcome!

  • Officers

    The Brain of the guild



    Healing Priest And Master of All

    AOTC For Most Raids that have it


    PvP Officer

    Biggest DPS hunter on korgath

    Parsed 99% over 5 times in 1 run

    Masterful pvp tactics


    Vetran Officer

    The oldest officer in age

    Wisest of them all

    A Hunter is never late Nor is he early,

    he arrives precisely when he means to


    Guild Treasurer

    Runs the guild bank and ensures smooth

    operation and ease of use in finding what we need for raid night


    Raid Officer

    Master of making you realize when your doing shit and fixing your tactics, Awesome guy though; always willing to help you maximize your Dps/Hps/Mitigation


    Raid Officer

    Raiding since vanilla, Willing to help any way possible, has basic knowledge about anything you may want to know about, if not he knows who to send you to

  • Ranking and How It Works

    This is important please take the time to read through and understand each rank and how to become part of our raid team.


    Vetran Officers/Guild Banker/GM

    General Guild management from recruitment to raid leading to aiding in event planning.


    Raid Officers

    Starting raid / Dealing with calendar and offering info to the new raiders and people who need info/Help and raid leading if necessary


    Core Raider

    REQUIRED to come to CORE RAIDS (Mon/Tues/Wends), If on for Trial runs it is required to help Once every two weeks minimum.



    Raider position, Required to come to Most raids (If online and available) and Eventually make it Mon/Tues/Wends nights as the goal of
    trialing is to become a Core raider however you are not guaranteed a spot in core nights and may be asked to take a filler position.


    Raid Trial

    Trialing for raider position, Required to come to all trial raids (If online and available) and Eventually make it Mon/Tues/Wends nights as the goal of
    trialing is to become a Core raider however you are not guaranteed a spot in core nights and may be asked to take a filler position.



    This rank is self explanatory but there for pvp players to be able to find each other and start groups easier.



    This rank is for casual players who dont do much or dont play often; and will not be harassed to join things unless they say they are willing in their note.



    This is the entry rank to the guild

  • Raid Schedule

    Nights we raid and what we do on those nights


    Monday/Tuesdays /Wednesday *8:30 - 11:00* server time

    Tuesdays we run the most recent content and CORE raiders group up.

    Also bringing in raider trials who are active enough to be considered for Core group. These raids are mandatory for Core raiders. *RL obviously comes first though*



    These are a trial period and random gearing run period, as we run lower item level content to help the trial raider and others who want to start raiding get into the feeling for it.



    Break period *Outside of Sunday continuation of normal*

  • Announcements

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    With the raid "Eternal Palace" coming out soon we ask everyone to take a look in the discord at your position on the raid roster as well as take the time to read the guides and watch videos on the raids. The links to the Youtube channel we use for reference is located on the main page of the...
    Congrats everyone on completing 3/8 heroic eternal palace last night, We currently are the #1 horde guild on Korgath and plan to keep it that way. Please study up on the next 3 bosses minimum as we plan to have at least 6/8H down by Monday night. If you need help with itemization or maximizing...
  • Guild Trophies

    Patch 8.2

    Highest M+ completion - Dhogo

    Current Highest M+ Completion: +10 Siege of Boralus

    Current ilvl: 419

    Date: July 11th 2019


  • Guild Event Time line

    Guild events! everyone is welcome and prizes are available for the top 5 places!

    Guild Event #2: TBA

    Theme: Fire and Ice

    This event will be surrounding the elements of Fire and Ice with it being summer and most of us wanting to cool down. This event will be featuring a twist however. More will be announced towards the date of the event so keep your eyes open!



    1st Place - 1 WoW token cost in gold, a special pet, a Rare Transmog item

    2nd place - 30k gold, A special pet and a Transmog item

    3rd place - 20k Gold, A special pet and 10 flasks matching class/role

    4th place - 10k gold and 5 flasks matching class/role

    5th place - 5k gold and 2 flasks matching class/role

  • Guild Trophies Vault

    2014 - 8.1.5

    Highest M+ completion - Girlscanttank

    Patch Highest M+ Completion: +18 AD

    Current ilvl: 411

    Patch: 8.1/8.1.5


    Highest ilvl (8.1) - Tygzi

    Patch highest ilvl - 416

    Highest M+ completion: +16 WM

    Patch: 8.1


    First AoTC - EvilObJob

    AOTC: Garrosh Hellscream

    Date: (07/10/14)


    Highest ilvl (8.1.5) - Dhogo

    Patch highest ilvl - 418

    Highest M+ completion: +16 WM

    Patch: 8.1.5


  • Download Discord Now

    Join us on discord once you join the guild!

    below is the link to the windows version of it!

    (We know some of you dont like buttons so google Discord and itll take you where you need to go)

  • Optimization/Raid Guides

    We've got a top notch team!

    So lets do our best to get everyone at their best!

    Fatbosstv Youtube Guides

    Raid Guides in Video Form

    Fatbosstv is our go to for guides on the most recent raids; we suggest if you have never ran one of the raids outside of LFR that you research one or two of the videos Prior to raid.



     A leader board for M+ and raid progression

    The website Raider.io keeps track of completion of M+ dungeons and places a ranking based on timed completion as well as providing a leader board for raid progression around the world.

    The Guild Raider.io is located Here:



    Optimization, gear drops and DPS Simulations

    RaidBots is a Sim site that allows you to check your DPS / HPS in a simulation to see an approximate number you should see on your damage or hps meters in game in fights.

    Also raidbots allows you to run comparisons on other gear you may have or want, as well as show you the best in slots for your class and spec.


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